Welcome to The L.A. Office’s Blog!

On behalf of the team at The L.A. Office, I am thrilled to introduce our new blog. Through this blog, you can expect to see features about the people, partnerships and opportunities driving the marketing partnership community! In the coming weeks, our team will deliver news about new Marketing Partnerships, Properties and Brands looking for partnerships and updates about the people and companies that are driving the business.  We will be working with all of our member companies to make sure that this blog provides breaking news, partnership marketing insights, promotional activities and opportunities.  In addition to this blog, we will keep everything up-to-date on MarketingPartnerships.com.

The L.A. Office has been involved in entertainment promotions and marketing since 1994. Through our unique tools and services, we help build relationships between the people, properties and partnerships that are driving the partnership marketing community.  Since our founding, hundreds of partnerships have grown from our events (Industry Insights Summit, Brand Partnership Forum and RoadShow), website (MarketingPartnerships.com) and our consulting services.  Some of these success stories can be found here.  To stay on top of everything  happening in the brand and entertainment partnership marketing community, make sure you sign up for a free profile on MarketingPartnerships.com.

On behalf of the entire team at The L.A. Office and MarketingPartnerships.com, we wish you a very happy New Year.

Best regards,


Mitch Litvak
President, The L.A. Office

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