The QSR and the entertainment industry have been working together as a way to extend each other’s brands for decades. Special, limited-time promotions work wonders to attract more foot traffic, help extend awareness, and create buzz for a wide array of entertainment properties.

With that being said, let’s take a look at how 4 QSR companies partnered with entertainment to enrich their brand in 2017 so far.  Note: More information on these 5 programs and over 8,300 (!) more can be accessed with a VIP Membership on Come visit us today!

MARIO KART 8/SWITCH  Launch at McDonald’s

Nintendo – Gaming


As one of the most iconic and prolific brand partners ever, McDonald’s Happy Meal executed this partnership with an equally iconic IP, Nintendo’s Mario. As a means to promote the video game MARIO KART 8 DELUXE on Nintendo’s new gaming system, the Nintendo Switch, McDonald’s created a line of eight toys featuring various characters from the Mario franchise. In addition, U.S. residents 13-years-old and over were able to enter a sweepstakes. Read more and watch the accompanying TV spot here.

MARCH MADNESS Scores at Wendy’s

NCAA – Sports


The NCAA and Wendy’s teamed up to support the 2017 Men’s Basketball Tournament, AKA March Madness. The “Unreasonable Effort” campaign celebrated the lengths to which college basketball fans will go to follow and back their teams, comparing it to the same effort Wendy’s puts into their products.

The multi-faceted partnership also included a TV spot and sweepstakes, along with other creative elements you’ll want to read about on


Marvel Entertainment – Theatrical


To celebrate the return of one of Marvel’s most beloved franchises, Dairy queen created the “Guardians Awesome Mix Blizzard Treat.” The limited-edition, Guardians of the Galaxy-themed Blizzard treat included a new flavor with brownie and cookie pieces, caramel and chocolate chunks.

Fans could also claim one of 1,000 Mission Mixtapes, which gave them promo codes for a wide range prizes. Click here to view more.

BETTER CALL SAUL Rolls Into Cinnabon

AMC – Television


AMC and baked goods chain widely known for its large cinnamon roll, Cinnabon, continued their collaborations to celebrate the third season of BETTER CALL SAUL. The sticky-bun chain promoted the latest season of the popular BREAKING BAD spin-off by offering an exclusive preview, as well as a chance to win a briefcase full of cash.

For more details, click here.

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